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Do you have a talent you would like to share with your community?   WFES is looking for instructors who have expert subject area knowledge that they would like to share with others.  If you are interested please call (403) 934-5785.

We are always looking for innovative course and workshop ideas to keep Wheatland County’s Learning Community bustling.  We greatly appreciate your time and submissions.

For more information please contact us!



Interested in volunteering? 

WFES is looking for Area Coordinators. Volunteering is a fun and enriching way to get involved in your community and no experience is necessary. If you are interested please contact the WFES office at 403-934-5785.

Workshops with a wide range of topics as well as ESL courses are offered. Thank you to all the volunteers for their hard work in making this happen. You are the heart of our program!

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