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Wheatland Further Education Society (WFES) is a voluntary non-profit society designated by Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education. WFES functions to address part-time, non-credit adult learning needs in Strathmore and the local communities within Wheatland County, and must be comprised of ‘five or more’ members who have an interest in adult education and have taken the responsibility for providing adult learning opportunities in their area.

 Our Goal

The goal of WFES and Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education is that all residents in Strathmore and within Wheatland County are able to access WFES adult programming.  To accomplish these goals, we utilize local instructors, volunteers and staff to provide programming and offer a variety of courses, workshops and more to adults in Wheatland County through several locations close to Strathmore, Rockyford, Hussar, Three Hills and more.  

If, for any reason, you feel unable to participate in our adult learning opportunities, please contact Joyce at (403) 934-5785 or e-mail wfes@telus.net.

Main Office Location

Our New Location in September will be 125-2nd. Ave right next to The Strathmore Times.


Wheatland Further Education Society (WFES)
P.O. Box 2474
Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1B3

Main Office

Phone: (403) 934-5785
Fax: (403) 901-1785
Email: WFES@Telus.net

Our Staff

Joyce Bazant
Executive Director
Phone: (403) 934-5785
Email: wfes@telus.net

Darlene Piche`
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (403) 934-5785
Email: wfesinfo@telus.net


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